Georg Carmine

Georg Carmine

Georg Carmine (LN)

Kana ゲオルグ・カーマイン
Rōmaji Georugu Kāmain
Alias Kagetora
Gender Male
Race Lion Beastman
Personal Status
Status Unknown (presumably Alive)
Occupation Leader of "Black Cats"
Affiliation Kingdom of Friedonia
Previous Occupation ・General of Elfrieden Kingdom Army
・Duke of Carmine
Light Novel Volume 01
Manga Chapter 10

Georg Carmine (ゲオルグ・カーマイン, Georugu Kāmain) is a character of Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki series. He was the duke and leader of Elfrieden's Land Army prior to the One Week War.

Appearance Edit

Georg Carmine is a lion beastman with a massive physique and a scar on his left cheek.

Personality Edit

Georg is seen as by soldiers and civilians alike as a shrewd tactician and a formidable combatant. He has a no-nonsense personality and gets to the point of the matter. He will not hesitate to do what is needed to be done, though he has shown to have a soft spot for Liscia Elfrieden, whom he treats like a surrogate daughter. Above all, he has a high sense of honor.

History Edit

Georg Carmine has a long, history of serving in Elfrieden's Army and is well-respected among his peers. Even in defeat, he had been able to take the head of an enemy commander and is feared throughout Landia. He was also Liscia's commanding officer during her training.

After Kazuya Souma was appointed as the new king of the Elfrieden Kingdom, Georg and Castor Vargas rebelled against him. As for the reason during the Final Counsel, Georg stated that Kazuya had yet to prove himself worthy of being Albert Elfrieden's successor. At the time, Georg was also sheltering the corrupt nobles who had fled Parnam, after Kazuya had exposed them of their crimes, stripped them of their titles and seized their assets. Georg stated that it was his pride as a warrior and wanted to see if Kazuya could live up to that. He also believed that since he has passed the age of 50, he could only wait until his body inevitably deteriorated with the passage of time. Therefore he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory like a warrior.

Unknown to Kazuya, Castor and Excel Walter, it was Georg's intention to gather all the corrupt nobles in one spot and purposely 'lose' to Kazuya. This was due to being told by Elisha Elfrieden of a past timeline in which the corrupt nobles had led to the downfall of the Royal Family. After his defeat at the conclusion of the One Week War, Georg would have a final conversation with Kazuya from behind a prison cell. After he was satisfied that the kingdom and Liscia was in good hands, he committed suicide with poisoned wine given to him by Kazuya.

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