The Other World consists of a super-continent named "Landia" (ランディア, Randia), which is surrounded by many islands of varying size.

There are various Countries and Kingdoms, consisting of people and being belonging to various Races like Human, Beastman, Elves, Dwarves, Dragonewts, Sea Serpents and many more. Some races co-exists, while there are countries which give preferential treatment to one particular race only, and some which forbade the entry of people from other races.

The northernmost reaches of the super-continent "Landia" is connected to a different dimension called "Demon World", from which Demons have appeared and fought and conquered many regions, thus establishing the region "Demon's Lord Domain".

The climate in "Landia" is not set in seasons. Also the weather turns more colder and frigid as one goes towards the southern end of the continent.

The Continent of "Landia" in general follows the "Continental Calendar" which has 8 days in a Week with 4 weeks in a Month, making each month consist of 32 days. There are 12 Months in a year, thus making an year consist of 384 days (there is no "Leap Year" concept in the Continental Calendar).

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