Volume 2

Genkoku LN Volume 2 Cover


Japanese Release September 25, 2016 (Overlap)
English Release Digital: May 12, 2017 (J-Novel)

Print: January 22, 2019 (Seven Seas Entertainment)

Japanese ISBN 978-4-86554-148-9
English ISBN ISBN-10: 1626929815
ISBN-13: 978-1-626929-81-4
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Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki Volume 2 is the second volume of the light novel series, written by "Dojyomaru" (『どぜう丸』, Dozeumaru) and illustrated by "Fuyuyuki"『冬ゆき』and was published on September 25, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

Kazuya Souma is forced to resolve the difficult problems at once. The first problem is the tension between the two dukedoms who refuses to listen to the new king of Elfrieden, Souma. Duke Georg Carmine, who is in charge of the army don’t seem to accept Souma’s ways of doing things. Duke Castor Vargas, who is a dragonewt (half knight, half dragon) and in charge of the air force also decides to join Georg Carmine in opposing Souma in knowing that he is not someone to start something without a good reason and a misunderstanding by Carla Vargas, Castor Vargas daughter, thinking that the new king stole the throne and forced the betrothal of Princess Liscia, her best friend.

At the same time, the Principality of Amadonia decides to take advantage of the situation to take back the territory that was once belonged to them, The City of Altomura, a grain producing region. King Souma who is caught in an weird situatuon, is forced to fight in two other places aside from Altomura, Randel where Duke Georg Carmin is located and Red Dragon City where Duke Castor Vargas is located to centralize the command over all the forces.

With all odds stacked against King Souma, he and his Prime Minister, Hakuya are forced to come up with a strategy to overcome such tremendous problem.

Chapters Edit

  • Prologue: On Your Side
  • Chapter 1: A Sign
  • Chapter 2: The Casts of Two Nations
  • Chapter 3: Ultimatum
  • Extra Story: The Story of a Certain Group of Adventurers 2
  • Chapter 4: The Lord of Altomura
  • Chapter 5: The Battle Outside Randel
  • Chapter 6: The Scheming Battle for Red Dragon City
  • Chapter 7: Sacrifice the Plum Tree to Preserve the Peach Tree
  • Chapter 8: Declaration of War
  • Chapter 9: The Final Battle
  • Epilogue: The True Raising of the Curtain
  • Prologue to the Post-war Period

Premium Version Bonus Edit

Special Bonus content added in Premium version release (6 store exclusive short stories & a Color Pinup!) *,

  • Aisha in the God-Protected Forest
  • Juna and Excel
  • Ludwin and XXX
  • Getting Dressed by Liscia
  • Tomoe and Poncho's Behind the Scenes Work
  • The Little Tanuki Princess on the Night Before the Final Battle