Mary Valenti

Mary Valenti (LN)

Kana メアリ・バレンティ
Rōmaji Meari Barenti
Alias Saint Mary
Gender Female
Race Human
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Saint of the Orthodox Papal State of Lunaria
Light Novel Volume 05

Mary Valenti (メアリ・バレンティ, Meari Barenti) is a character of Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki series. She is a designated saint of the Orthodox Papal State of Lunaria and ambassador to the Kingdom of Freidonia.

Appearance Edit

In order to appear appealing to Kazuya Souma, Mary's appearance was modeled after his Queen Consorts; with Liscia Elfrieden's face, Aisha Udgard's hair color and Roroa Amidonia's twin-tail hairstyle. Overall, she appears to be a beautiful girl. Since it was publicly unknown at the time that Juna Doma was also Kazuya's Queen Consort, Mary lacks any of her features.

Personality Edit

Since she was raised as a saint by the church, Mary is extremely submissive and devoted to her faith. She answers in a 'doll-like' fashion with seemingly little emotion. She does show some disgust when she met with Bishop Souji Lester. Overall, she is basically raised to be the tool of the Orthodoxy.

History Edit

After the formation of Friedonia, Mary Valenti was sent to the new kingdom in order to have an audience with Kazuya Souma. Though she praised Kazuya for his achievements, both he and his Prime Minister Hakuya Kwonmin were not fooled by her flattery. Mary's main goals were to establish the Lunarian Faith as a state religion, bestow the title of Holy King upon Kazuya and negotiate an alliance between Friedonia and the Papa State against the Gran Chaos Empire. She was unaware of the secret alliance between Friedonia and the Empire. She even offered herself for Kazuya to 'do as he would like.'

In the end, only her goal to establish the Lunarian Faith as a state religion was accomplished, though the election of Bishop Souji Lester to Friedonia, was not to the liking of both herself and the Papal State. Furthermore, the fact that all religions accepted in Friedonia needed to be registered, meant that the Lunarian Faith would not hold dominance over the beliefs of the citizens. At present, she is still the appointed saint of the Lunarian Faith.

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