Nelva is a fortified city in south-west of the Kingdom of Freidonia. The walled city was built by the former Principality of Amidonia to defend against invasions from the Republic of Turgis.

Location Edit

Freidonia and its surroundings

Nelva is located near the Ursula Mountains, opposite to Altomura. Not only is it near the border to the Republic of Turgis but also with the Mercenary State Zem.

History Edit

In the aftermath of the One Week War, the city of Nelva was attacked by the forces of the Republic of Turgis. The Republic was invading to annex more fertile lands and were taking advantage of the confusion caused by the numerous riots and rebellions, and the re-occupation of Van by the Elfrieden Kingdom. However, Turgis was stalled due to the resistance led by its leader, Herman Neumann. With the arrival of naval forces by Excel Walter threatening an invasion of the Republic of Turgis, the Republic's army withdrew.