Parnam (パルナム, Parunamu) is the capital of the Kingdom of Freidonia as well its predecessor the Elfrieden Kingdom.

Location Edit

Parnam is located in central Elfrieden

Layout Edit

Parnam Central Park

Parnam Central Park

Parnam is a large walled city with large roads running from north, east ,south and west gates to the center while smaller cobblestone roads radiate from the castle and these were connected to even smaller roads giving the city an appearance of a spider's web or snowflake from above. Further a three-layered maze like network of escape routes had been constructed for the royal family to escape in case of an emergency.

The central area of the city contains the Parnam Castle as well as the Parnam Central park which is a large park with planted trees and flowers as well as a large fountain Jewel Broadcast receiver.

As part of the sanitation and waterworks reforms, the smaller roads are designated for pedestrian travel, thereby restricting carriages and transport to the larger roads. Furthermore, the first level of the underground escape tunnel network that was intended for the Royal Family was converted into an aqueduct system by connecting it to the river while the third level was developed into a sewer system that empty into sedimentation ponds. The second layer was filled and closed off.