Venetinova is a city for trade and tourism, that was built during the first year of Kazuya Souma's reign in the Kingdom of Freidonia.

Freidonia and its surroundings

Location Edit

The city is located near an L-shaped cove on the western coast of the kingdom southwest of the naval port of Lagoon City. It is east of the God-Protected Forest and south of the capital of Parnam.

Description Edit

In order to boost the Elfrieden Kingdom's economy, Kazuya began making plans to construct a new trading port city, while leaving Lagoon City as a naval port. The new city also offered a new place for refugees to live and work as citizens of the kingdom. It was also built in a different area than originally planned, in order to minimize damage from earthquakes and tsunamis. The current governor is Weist Garreau.