Weist Garreau

Weist Garreau

Kana ワイスト・ガロー
Rōmaji Waisuto Garō
Gender Male
Race Human
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation Governor of "Venetinova"
Previous Occupation Lord of "Altomura"
Light Novel Volume 02
Manga Chapter 15

Weist Garreau (ワイスト・ガロー, Waisuto Garō) is a character of Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki series. He was formally a Marine officer under the command of Excel Walter and Lord of Fortress Altomura. He would later be Governor of Venetinova.

Appearance Edit

He is over the age of fifty, though to Excel's point of view, he is still a youngster in comparison to her.

Personality Edit

Though appearing timid and easily cowed in front of Gaius Amidonia, West is actually a seasoned veteran. He seems to be a very convincing actor as he fooled Gaius into thinking he was a weakling.

History Edit

Weist Garreau made his first appearance during the One Week War and would play a vital role in delaying the Amidonia Army on the first day. By lying to Gaius and convincing him that the people inside the fortress were divided on either surrendering or resisting, he was able to keep the enemy from launching an assault. By the time Gaius decided to attack, it was already sunset and he could not risk the chance of a night raid by the defenders. At dawn on the second day, Weist again lied to Gaius, stating that the people vowed to fight to the death. As such, Gaius couldn't risk fighting 'death soldiers' and sustaining considerable casualties. He was also tricked into temporarily lifting the siege, thereby giving Weist more time to convince the people to surrender.

By the time Kazuya Souma declared war on Amidonia, Gaius realized that it was all a diversion. However, it was too late and he was forced to abandon the siege in order to counter the invasion of Amidonia and the capture of Van.

Weist would later be given the position of governor of the port city Venetinova.